Beauty and The Beast Rose


Handsome rose in a high-quality glass vase. The Beauty and the Beast theme is used to decorate the room, creating a charming atmosphere. Beauty and the Beast Rose is a romantic, delicate, and decorative piece of art. This amazing rose is made from high-quality glass, and has an LED light inside. It can change color to change its mood. You can make it glow in different colors using the remote controller; you can also use it as a nightlight for your child's room. It looks very pretty on your bedside table or in the living room, but be careful not to let it fall off because it will break instantly!

  • 🌹【Best STOCKING STUFFERS Gift 】The never fade Red Rose symbolizes your forever love.Best gift for Valentine's Day, Mother' s Day, Dating, Wedding, Paty, Engagement, Anniversary etc.
  • 🌹【Romantic Decoration】Red Rose, as a symbol of love ,appreciation and best wishes, ideal not only for gifts, but also would look amazing as a centerpiece in your living room ,bedroom, dining room or office. Warm white light not only benefits our eyes, but also gives us a romantic atmosphere.
  • 🌹【Forever Rose Flowers】The silk rose are crafted from soft fabric, elegant silk red rose, delicate petal, just like the real rose. The Glass cover is disassembled, allows LED light to shine brilliantly .The Silk flowers will not burn because the led strip will not reach its ignition point.
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